Text of the Ryan Report or “I can barely hear you, Mr. Levesque.”

Below, you can find the text of the Ryan Report (Shawn Graham and Atcon). This has been uploaded from the PDF version released by the Commissioner’s Office. There are some spacing and formatting issues that might make reading a bit difficult, however, some might find this format preferable to a PDF. I am not sure why reports such as these are released only in PDF format – that would seem to be an approach that limits access to the information.

There are at least two different issues here: the conflict of interest (Shawn Graham knew or should have known that his father had an association with Atcon) and the decision to provide a loan guarantee to Atcon. The latter was made against the advice of senior civil servants. While you can argue that the government may from time to time offer such guarantees or loans, here the risk to the taxpayer was unusually high. In such circumstances there should be an obligation of the elected members of the government and civil servants to raise the risk issue in a public manner.

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