Gagetown Temperature Data

As I live not too far from Canadian Forces Base Gagetown (New Brunswick, Canada), I decided to download and examine the unadjusted mean temperature data from three local surface air temperature stations: Gagetown 2 (Village of Gagetown), Gagetown A, and Gagetown AWOS. The latter two stations are on CFB Gagetown, while Gagetown 2 is about 20 Km away in the Village of Gagetown. Gagetown AWOS (GAWOS) and Gagetown A (GA) replaced Gagetown 2 (G2) as monitoring sites several years ago. Current data are collected by Environment Canada from Gagetown A. Data were downloaded from Environment Canada’s Climate Data Online. Data for missing days were estimated from adjacent days, but a few years were omitted where monthly data were missing. Data for years when data from more than one site were available were averaged together.

Using data up to 2012, temperature data were found to fit a linear regression model (P=0.016) with a positive (upward) slope. In other words, there is a significant, but modest, warming trend.


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