Provincial Comparisons – Job Creation

In order to put New Brunswick’s job creation (or lack thereof) into perspective, the bar charts below show the number of persons employed at a given month/year in other provinces, as well as in Canada as a whole. Job creation can be estimated by examining the change in number of employed over a particular time period (that is, these are NET changes in employment). For example, examining the bars for August 2014 and August 2015 for Canada, we can see that about 176,000 net jobs were created during that twelve month period.

Scroll the cursor over a bar to see the actual value reported (x1000) [Sorry, but a change in either WordPress or Google has made that impossible :(]. All data come from Statistics Canada (Labour Force Survey – Table 282-0122); data for each month are three-month rolling averages and are not adjusted for seasonality. Data for Canada are the averages of all provinces (Territories excluded). Scanning over the entire chart for a given province also gives you a picture of the seasonality of employment. 


Newfoundland / Labrador:

Prince Edward Island:

Nova Scotia:

New Brunswick:






British Columbia:

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