Handy guide to the ‘atcon’

For the average NBer, getting a grasp on the size of some of the province’s fiscal issues and financial shenanigans can be difficult. So I am proposing that New Brunswick develop its own unique monetary denomination in order to help interpret the relative importance (in dollar terms anyways) of some of these predicaments. I’ll call this new denomination the ‘atcon’, named after a recent political and financial scandal, and I will set the value of the ‘atcon’ at $50 million dollars. Here’s a handy guide as to how the atcon can be used as a shorthand to denote the magnitude of these issues. All values are approximate.

1. Provincial debt – 140 atcons
2. NB Power debt – 100 atcons
3. Atcon scandal – 1.4 atcons
4. Atlantic Yarns – 1.6 atcons
5. Median NB family income (2010) – 0.001 atcons

Please feel free to add to this list. Send me a tweet (@nbdatapoints) or an email (nbdatapoints@gmail.com) and I will add your contribution.

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