New Brunswick and Nova Scotia doing poorly in comparison to other provinces – update

Provincial job creation comparisons: Is Quebec the new ‘boom’ province? January 2012 – January 2013 shows Quebec with the largest % gain year-over-year when compared to NB, NS, ON and AB. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia both had significant job losses year-over-year for January. See details here.

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Job Creation in New Brunswick vs other Provinces in Canada 2010-2012

In order to put New Brunswick’s job creation (or lack thereof) into perspective, the charts below show job creation (Number of Persons Employed) in selected other provinces, as well as Canada as a whole. All data come from Statistics Canada (Table 282-0054). Data for Canada are the averages of all provinces (Territories excluded). The previous post shows New Brunswick regional data.

Data run from January (JA) to December (DE) for each of the three years. Scroll over the bars to see the actual numbers for that month/year. Note that in both cases, the numbers are three-month rolling averages and are unadjusted for seasonality. By comparing the column heights and numbers for a given month over the three-year period, you can determine the net job creation (or loss) year over year. Those are good indicators as to whether the local economy is growing or not.

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