Climate Change in the Maritimes

Trends in surface air temperature from randomly selected stations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are shown below. Data are from Environment Canada homogenized dataset (Adjusted and Homogenized Canadian Climate Data (AHCCD)). Data need to be adjusted to account for relocation of temperature instruments, instrument replacements, changes in time of day at which data are collected, etc. (see Surface Temperature Measurement Reliability).

The temperature data (blue dots) shown are the mean annual temperature for a given year. Probability values (in brackets after the station name) are the Pr values for linear regression analysis. Values less than 0.05 are generally considered to be statistically significant. Linear regressions do not necessarily provide the best fit to the data, but are a simple starting point. In most cases, the scatterplots of the data show the trend clearly enough. All but one station exhibit statistically significant warming over the time period measured.

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