New Brunswick and Nova Scotia doing poorly in comparison to other provinces – update

Provincial job creation comparisons: Is Quebec the new ‘boom’ province? January 2012 – January 2013 shows Quebec with the largest % gain year-over-year when compared to NB, NS, ON and AB. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia both had significant job losses year-over-year for January. See details here.

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New Brunswick Labour Data 2010-2012

New Brunswick residents are quite used to bad economic news. Typically, New Brunswick and the other Maritime Provinces trail the rest of the country in job creation and income growth. What to do about this situation will be the subject of future posts. This post is designed to illustrate trends in labour force and employment data over the past few years.

Small businesses, which typically provide goods and service to local populations, rely on either a growing labour force or growing incomes to fuel growth (or, at the very least, cover rising labour and supply costs). Unless they can find new markets or unmet needs, most such businesses will struggle in a stagnant economy.

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