Labour Force Data – New Brunswick

[Note: due to changes in the way Statistics Canada calculates labour force data, updates to these charts are no longer being made, effective January 2023]

Data are from Statistics Canada  Table 14-10-0387-01 (formerly Table 14-10-0293-01 and CANSIM 282-0122). Data for each month are rolling three-month averages and are not adjusted for seasonality. Statistics Canada has divided the Province into economic regions, each of which consists of a group of counties. Campbellton/Miramichi includes Northumberland, Restigouche and Gloucester counties; Moncton/Richibucto includes Albert, Westmorland, and Kent counties; Saint John/St Stephen includes Saint John, Charlotte, and Kings counties; Fredericton/Oromocto includes Sunbury, York and Queens counties; Edmundston/Woodstock includes Carleton, Victoria and Madawaska counties.

Note that the data from Statistics Canada Table 14-10-0387-01 ((formerly Statistics Canada Table 14-10-0293-01 (formerly CANSIM 282-0122)) are three-month rolling averages. Thus the data are distinct from those in the Statistics Canada monthly Labour Force Reports delivered to media, which focus on monthly seasonally-adjusted data. In my view (and I am not an economist, let alone a labour economist), the monthly seasonally-adjusted data are subject to significant sampling error and thus can exhibit wide swings from month to month that may not reflect reality very well.

By choosing a region/month, you can compare employment performance (job creation) over a series of years for that month.

New Brunswick Employment:


New Brunswick Labour Force:


Campbellton / Miramichi Employment:

Moncton / Richibucto Employment:

Saint John / St Stephen Employment:

Fredericton / Oromocto Employment:

Edmundston / Woodstock Employment: